Angelica Postnatal

With this Postnatal session, discover the fascinating world of family life, when it is lived with equilibrium... Discover how the guidance of our dreams can really help us to live this wonderful new chapter of life in a meaningful way. 

Living an experience as profound as taking care of a child and wishing to live it with happiness and serenity, with wisdom and responsibility, is an aspect of life that requires profound knowledge if we really want to do things well in terms of education.

With this Angelica session, discover to what extent living the first steps of education in conscience, with the knowledge of dream-signs-symbols, can represent the most important guidance there is. 

Our dreams can help us to better understand our child's new steps and discoveries, allow us to communicate with his soul even before he can really speak... while helping us, as parents, to transform our fears, anticipate events to better live this new life at all levels of our being. Both day and night :)


During this Angelica Postnatal session, in a Clinic or by Skype, whether you are alone or as a couple, you can ask your questions and ask for advice to an Angelica Therapist - first and foremost a mother and so happy to be one :) - certified by the UCM Teaching & Research Center.

You don't have any more couple time? Your child can't sleep well? Are you thinking of experiencing postpartum depression? Or do you simply want to receive advice to improve your family life? During this consultation, you can also ask for a dream or sign interpretation to better understand the + and - of your current reality and improve it...

"Understanding your dreams and realizing the best possibilities for a happy life is really living at the forefront of our time."



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