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Angelica Parent

With this Parental Care, discover in all simplicity the fascinating universe of family life, when it is lived in a balanced or disorganised way... How much guidance in our decisions, in the realisation of our dreams, can really help us to live well in this wonderful new chapter of life.


"Knowing the symbolic language at the educational level can really help us to understand our child, our family because every word, every gesture is interconnected with our memories, building them or expressing them. To be a conscious parent is to study life, to find practical solutions to everyday conundrums, and to know how to ask for advice from other parents who are also experts in the field of working on ourselves and managing stress and difficulties, to help us go further. To assemble and make our beautiful family work well, or this blended family which is a real priceless gift of a second chance and a new stage. 


To live such a profound experience as caring for a child, a family and to wish to live it with happiness and serenity, with wisdom and responsibility, is an aspect of life that requires varied and profound knowledge if we really want to do things right educationally.


With this treatment, discover how living the first steps of education in consciousness, with multidimensional knowledge and wise guidance for children, can be the most important guidance there is. 


"We're here to help you become the best version of yourself: a happy, fulfilled parent who understands what is sometimes not easy to understand when children, family, marriage, work are all going on at high speed. Human consciousness is fascinating and more logical than we think too... but it is multidimensional... and when things go fast - like today's children - you have to know how to act and react... to create a harmonious space both internally and externally, to know how to create a beautiful united family that goes well. Can this be learned, if we did not have the best parents? Yes, it can be learned... we are happy to help you... we know what it is to be parents... we have been through it and in a profound way... don't be embarrassed to ask for help as a parent... new children are supersonic cars and we need inner keys to understand them, that's for sure!


During this Angelica Parent treatment, in Clinic or by Skype or phone, whether you are alone or a couple, you can ask your questions and seek advice from an Angelica therapist - first and foremost a mum and so happy to be one 🙂 - and certified by the UCM Teaching and Research Center.


"Yes I know... you don't have any more couple time? It's getting hot... you need to get together, talk... so that it doesn't boil over or create cracks that are difficult to repair... I understand that your child can't sleep well (mine has gone through this too... we'll talk about it, ok :)... You think you're experiencing parental or post-partum depression... ok, we'll talk about it... Or you just want to receive advice on how to improve your family life? During this treatment, you will be able to open up on the subjects that concern you and even ask for a dream or sign analysis - if you remember them - in order to better understand the + and - of your current reality and improve it... "

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