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Angelica Career & Education

This treatment, offered online via Skype or by telephone, is intended for people of all ages who have questions or difficulties in their professional orientation or studies.


"At a time of life when we are entering adulthood, we sometimes don't really know which branch to go into in our studies (or professionally), so we may make default choices, motivated by needs or insecurities, rather than choices that will be truly motivating and inspiring, and give meaning to our lives. This is a key period, very important, and talking about it on an inner level with a therapist helps us to discover and reveal our true potential. Of course the therapist is not there to make the decision, but will surely help you to understand it better and to see it more clearly."


Therapists certified by the UCM Teaching and Research Centre, experts in Emotional Intelligence and Symbolic Language, will accompany you and help you to better reflect on your choices in order to define your orientation in your life path, according to your deepest affinities, and to allow you to develop and materialise your full potential.


You are right not to take this lightly... a career, studies, you should ideally orientate yourself well from the start even if of course you can always change your path at any time, and it is important to give yourself the time and the right to do so. During the session, you will also be able to ask for interpretations of dreams, signs, in connection with your questioning in order to better understand the keys of the destiny and the life which are activated at this moment for you.  

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