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Angelica Massage

treatment offered only in Clinic

Angelica Massage relaxes the body, mind and spirit in a calm, deep and sacred environment.

Offered by certified massage therapists, experts in Emotional Intelligence and Symbolic Language, this approach provides a moment of re-energizing comfort when the tensions of daily life intensify or accumulate in our bodies (physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual). 

"It feels so good to be massaged by someone who has beautiful thoughts... who works on herself and makes this moment a sacred moment for us. This is what Angelica Massage is all about. It is the metapysical that meets the physical to relax and renew it. "

*Note: Energy treatments or massages are not medicine in the sense of the law and they do not replace a treatment or a medical follow-up. The practitioner is not a doctor and as such, does not take part in the establishment of a diagnosis nor in the prescription of medication. Energy practices are not a substitute for medical care or a healthy lifestyle, they are a plus. The treatments have no contraindication with current medical treatments. Your treatment and medical follow-up remain your own responsibility.

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