Angelica Healing

A treatment offered in a Clinic or via Skype or phone to share on the spiritual journey, more specifically on a pain (internal or external) or an illness... In order to find its Source Code and understand its origin.
A deep moment to ask for interpretations of dreams, signs, symbols and to better understand the root causes of your pain, injury or illness (yours or the one of a loved one) in order to find the healing keys that we can all activate in ourselves. 

Therapists certified by the UCM Teaching and Research Center, experts in the interpretation of dream-signs-symbols, will accompany you and help you better understand the initiations, the physical and metaphysical trials and the intense stages that sometimes arise from the spiritual path and openings of consciousness.... 

Everything is symbol and the body speaks to us through symbols... But what warning signal your body sends?

With this Angelica Healing session, go to the heart of symbolic language to demystify and really understand why you have this pain? What is its symbolic meaning? And how can it be cured in depth?

"Understanding your dreams and your reality... is materializing the best possibilities for a happy life... it is really about living at the forefront of our time."



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