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Angelica Healing

This treatment is a therapy offered in the Clinic or via Skype or telephone, allowing to share on healing, and is a human complement to the follow-up you do with your doctor. It allows you to study life dynamics and behavioural situations to recreate an environment favourable to your rebirth.  

Therapists certified by the UCM Teaching and Research Centre, experts in Emotional Intelligence and Symbolic Language, accompany you and help you to better understand the initiations, the physical and metaphysical trials and the intense stages that the journey and the openings of consciousness sometimes generate... 

"Did you know that diseases speaks to us about ourselves, explains in depth our ways of being, thinking, loving and acting. It is fascinating to understand it on a causal level and to study its symbolic foundations. In this way, we have inner keys, not just physical ones. When we understand, we are already on the way to healing our memories, our forces that have created this physical blockage. We are not here to replace the magnificent work that medicine can do, we are here to open you up to another vision of life and health: inner health; and when everything is going well within us... everything is possible..." 

*Note: Angelica Healing is not a medical treatment as defined by laws and is not a substitute for medical treatment or follow-up. The practitioner is not a doctor and as such, does not take part in the establishment of diagnosis nor in the prescription of drugs. Energy practices are not a substitute for medical care or a healthy lifestyle, they are a plus. The treatments have no contraindication with current medical treatments. Your treatment and medical follow-up remain your own responsibility.

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