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Angelica Children

A treatment offered in Clinic, via Skype or telephone allowing to share with the child (from 5 to 10 years old) (with or without the presence of the parent) in the form of a consultation (and/or individual lessons) on Emotional Intelligence and the big questions of life that young people sometimes need to know so much.
A unique moment for the child to develop his or her Emotional Intelligence and his or her ability to understand the multi-dimensions within... Allowing them to communicate with a Therapist and learn to solve a problem, if there is one, at the family, individual or social level.

"It does so much good for a young person who wants to spend some time with a therapist, who becomes a friend, a life coach. It is not always easy for the parent to play this role and a consultation (or individual course) allows to complement on deep subjects which open the young person to new horizons and way of seeing life. All our therapists will tell you: a single consultation can remove a blockage, or bring about an understanding, which will change the destiny of a young person and his or her relationship with family or others."
During these consultations and courses, a relationship of trust, sharing and discussion helps to open up a capacity to understand things in depth. 
These consultations (and/or individual courses) offered at the Clinic can be arranged for occasional or regular follow-up, for example weekly or monthly. 

The pedagogical basis used is the international Plus Minus School Programme, a unique and cutting-edge programme to accompany the child in his or her daily evolution and the discovery of his or her fundamental codes... to understand himself or herself and to know how emotions work in life. 
This programme enables the child to:
- Make better choices 
- Discern well by having a global, intelligent and benevolent vision
- Recognize the pluses and minuses of life and discuss them openly and intelligently
- Allows for extraordinary connections, far beyond prepared topics
- Promotes free discussion that follows the child's questions


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