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Angelica De-pression

If you are feeling very sad, a deep sense of hopelessness, a loss of motivation and decision-making ability, a lack of interest in everything you do, eating and/or sleeping disorders, morbid thoughts and a sense of worthlessness as an individual, but don't know how to get out of this state, then you may be experiencing depression. 

An Angelica De-pression treatment, offered online via Skype or by phone, will help you understand that De-pression is caused by an accumulation of tension that can no longer be held in. De-pressure is in fact a form of renewal, a cycle of transformation that you must go through in order to evolve.

Therapists certified by the UCM Teaching and Research Centre, experts in Emotional Intelligence and Symbolic Language, will accompany you and help you to better understand this difficult stage so that you can gradually recover your self-esteem and joy of living.


"The volcano has awakened... but it was always there, you know... it was slumbering, preparing itself in silence. I know that your life is going fast or too slow right now... and more and more... when we go off the rails, it hurts... we look for ourselves, we don't know who we are anymore. When this happens, we have no choice but to work on ourselves, to change our way of thinking, and an Angelica treatment is one of the most beautiful gifts to help us make this transition. All of our therapists have experienced intense things on an inner level... we know what it is to be 'stirred'... did you know that it is by kneading the earth that we renew it, that we can recreate the most beautiful of gardens within ourselves. 

*Note: Angelica Depression is not a medical treatment as defined by French law and is not a substitute for medical treatment or follow-up. The practitioner is not a doctor and as such, does not take part in the establishment of a diagnosis or the prescription of medication. Energy practices are not a substitute for medical care or a healthy lifestyle, they are a plus. The treatments have no contraindication with current medical treatments. Your treatment and medical follow-up remain your own responsibility.

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