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Angelica Couple

(Skype or phone appointment)

Have you lost the magic of the couple? Are you thinking about separating? Or do you simply wish to receive guidance and make your relationship evolve in an extraordinary way, without repeating the mistakes of the past? Or do you simply wish to receive help to find closure in a past relationship that is still troubling you?


This therapy offered at the Clinic, on Skype or by phone, allows you to share about your relationship and ask for interpretations of dreams, signs, and symbols to better understand the causes of your conflicts, differences or metaphysical and physical problems.


Therapists certified by the UCM Teaching and Research Centre and experts in Emotional Intelligence and Symbolic Language accompany you and help you to better understand the initiations and the ups and downs of the couple, and find the best possible path to evolution and happiness...

Working on oneself is already quite an achievement! Working on one's relationship is a profound process of understanding one's polarities and the challenges we face in everyday life (intimacy, sexuality, family, work, money, etc.). So many variables come together to define and build true happiness and longevity in a couple's life. When we choose to make an appointment to help our couple, we multiply the chances of success and we sometimes avoid simple mistakes that can hurt our life. Is the couple linked to our deep memories? Yes! Let's talk about it together... Great things can be accomplished, and we can help you...

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