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Angelica Life Coaching

It feels so good to have someone's support on a regular or occasional basis. We can discuss issues in our lives, ask for advice or interpretations of dreams and signs, and build a thoughtful, inspiring future on all levels.


Angelica Life Coaching is offered in clinic or via Skype or telephone. Therapists certified by the UCM Teaching and Research Centre, experts in Emotional Intelligence and Symbolic Language, will accompany you and help you to better understand the challenges of life and the stages that come before us. You can make an appointment or a series of appointments in advance.  


"In everyday life, all the major stages of our lives require reflection, consultation and discussion... we should always ask for advice before acting in important moments... so as not to make a mistake, and to be able to take the right train. Fate has its consequences which should not be underestimated... and to be well prepared is to be wise and well decided; it is to want the best for one's soul and for one's evolution."

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