Angelica Teenagers

A session offered in a Clinic or via Skype or phone to share with the teenager (11 to 17 years old) in the form of consultation and individual courses on Emotional Intelligence.

A unique moment for the teenager to develop his Emotional Intelligence and his ability to understand the multidimensions that inhabit him.... To communicate and learn to solve a problem as well, if there are any at the family, individual or social level... 

"An extraordinary session, very good for adolescents with High Potential (HP) as well as adolescents with autism or experiencing difficulties..."

During these consultations and courses, a relationship of sharing and discussion helps the young people open up to an ability to understand things in depth. 

These EQ courses offered at the Angelica Clinic can be organized on an occasional or regular basis, for example weekly or monthly. 

The pedagogical basis used is the Plus Minus School Program, a unique and avant-garde program that helps adolescents and young people discover their spirituality and fundamental codes... to understand themselves and how our emotions work...

This program allows the teenager to:

  • Make better choices 

  • Discern well by having a global, intelligent and compassionate vision

  • Recognize the plus and the minus of life

  • Opens extraordinary discussions, well beyond the prepared topics

  • Allows a free discussion that follows the teenager's questions



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