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Angelica Support

Is someone close to you terminally ill? Or have you just seen a loved one die? This treatment can help you see death in a completely different way to better accompany your loved ones in their ordeal.
"Death is in fact the greatest journey that we will all experience one day, but how do you approach this profound subject with a terminally ill person, or even someone who is afraid of dying? How do we advise them to leave in the right way, and what is the right energy to have when life brings us to do terminal accompaniments?" 

This consultation is offered in the Clinic, or online via Skype or telephone. Therapists certified by the UCM Teaching and Research Centre, experts in Emotional Intelligence and Symbolic Language, will help you to better understand these major stages of terminal accompaniment, and how to accept in depth our own departure or the departure of a loved one, or to mourn in order to be able to rebuild our lives. 

This Angelica Accompaniment treatment will answer your questions, will help you to accompany a person or to accompany yourself in this process of great change... because by helping oneself or by helping the other, one always helps oneself...

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